Digital education

Education has started to undergo a transformation globally. The opportunity for more imaginative online and blended learning is huge, exciting, far-reaching and is much more inclusive.

Our clients are world-class companies, Universities, Business Schools and public-sector agencies. We work with them at both strategic and operational levels:

Universities and Business Schools

    • digital transformation

    • rethinking / expanding online delivery

    • improving online effectiveness and revenue

    • breaking in to new markets

    • digital marketing 



Case studies:

Online Degrees


One of the top three global companies in Online Programme Management, started partnering with UK universities to drive their expansion of online degree courses: we enhanced their business development activities to build a strong pipeline for future growth. Helped to develop and present the proposition with a wide range of potential university partners, through carefully understanding and addressing their educational and commercial needs.

E-learning has provided educators and students with access to tools they couldn’t otherwise have had, regardless of location or status.

Online Education (Global)


Strategic and tactical projects for a global online education platform.

China market research, entry and operational delivery: partnered with priority University and other content providers, engaged UK & Chinese Governments, provided further business development in both sales and marketing channels.

Asia: partner targeting, pitching and ‘recruitment’ for a range of key markets.

UK: relationships formed and developed with a variety of new content partners, key stakeholders and influencers.



We share knowledge and skills, to help maintain momentum and achieve a shared ownership of recommendations

Online Education (Asia focus)


A commercial business development project for a leading global University in online courses.

China market expansion project; developed and pitched proposition, ensured entry plan and implementation; partner relationship management, strategic business development and negotiation, stakeholder engagement and external affairs. Also, completed wider project to research and evaluate South East Asian markets.

An understanding of the interaction between business and government is essential to your long term success

Executive Education


A top-20 global Business School focusing on strategic expansion in Asia: developed strategy, conducted extensive market research together with pre-selling, and project managed entry into China covering a range of functions. Successful launch of a government relations strategy, and executive education provision for a leading Chinese multinational.

Neil's experience of advising a range of British companies on China, gives a clear commercial focus to lobbying and challenging key trade barriers

Higher Education Marketing


A leader in achieving dramatic improvements in online marketing and sales effectiveness, through data analysis, insight generation, optimisation, test & learn, digital marketing, and strategy development. 

Neil has experience in many areas, including market assessment, entry strategy, problem solving, and working with other cultures. Additionally he has demonstrated a very clear understanding of the needs of both large and small companies