Trade and investment

International partnering, trade and investment offers great opportunities for most organisations and companies. Whilst it presents challenges, the positive impact on innovation, productivity and competitiveness provides stimulus for future growth. 

Our clients are world-class companies, Universities, Business Schools and public-sector agencies. We work with them at both strategic and operational levels: 

UK and European companies 

  • projects for large companies

  • growing or scaling-up mid-market companies

  • niche, start-up or ‘born global’ smaller companies

UK, European and international public-sector agencies

  • leading agencies developing their international activities

  • inward investment and economic development

  • economic / commercial analysis

Chinese, Asian and international companies wishing to operate or expand in the UK


Case studies:

Clean technology


For one of the world’s leading component cleaning and hazardous waste management companies, a project to develop an ambitious, detailed plan for China market expansion, including ground-breaking technical innovation and requiring astute government engagement.

Our knowledge and skills are combined with an exceptional network of contacts within the commercial world, government and higher education.

Trade & investment advisory & support services


A leading UK plc., highly experienced in running major government outsourced contracts, seeking to expand into provision of trade and investment advisory services. Joined core project team to play an instrumental role in preparing the strategy and bid. The final, detailed bid (c. £50m) was shortlisted to two contenders and received very positive client feedback.

In emerging markets,particularly China and others experiencing a high-growth transition towards a market economy, an understanding of the interaction between business and government is essential to your long term success.

Foreign Direct Investment


In-depth study for an Economic Development Agency; to evaluate their performance on attracting foreign investment. Recommended future structure, overseas presence, sales and marketing initiatives, and approach to China. 

We advise clients on the development of their international strategy, and practical implementation, to deliver growth.

Healthcare sector


A strategic project for a UK Special Health Authority - a world-leader in their field. Assessed their UK and international potential for expansion into income generating activity, and future delivery model.

The blend of private and public sector experience enabled us to bring real depth of understanding to business issues, and to address those issues within a government context.

Specialist respiratory protection products


Initial appraisal of potential in China: approach to research, agent evaluation and government relations, including for Olympics 2008.

China is more of an opportunity than a threat, but it requires careful preparation, a long-term perspective and a good understanding of how to do business.